From the Arthur Godfrey Time morning shows

"The Cherry Sisters" trio (as named by Janette) accompanying Janette in this video is leader Archie Bleyer, trombonist Sy Schaffer & clarinetist Johnny Mince.

Ad libs and surprises were no novelties on Godfrey's morning show. After Janette finishes the song, as planned, Godfrey picks up his uke and sings the song again, then asks claranetist Johnny Mince to pick up a solo, and finally had Janette reprise the song for the finish.

With The Mariners (as they stood l to r) Jim Lewis, Tom Lockard, Nat Dickerson & Marty Karl.

Whoever posted this clip to YouTube managed to mis-spell the names of Janette Davis, Marion Marlowe and Lu Ann Simms.