Compiled by Ray Hagen, Laura Wagner, Steven Tompkins et. al.

Credits for 717 Movies

Last updated: January 17, 2019

This list is a result of more than forty years of compulsive-obsessive data-gathering by the above trio, separately. When our paths crossed a few years ago we combined our lists together.

Finding out who dubbed who since the beginning of sound movies in 1928 is a fairly daunting task since until relatively recently such information was kept secret by the movie studios who carefully guarded the reputations of their contract players. But in recent years the explosion of books and articles on every aspect of filmmaking has made the task somewhat easier, contradictory as different sources may be. Laura Wagner in particular has spoken to many of these dubbers. To credit every source would be impossible, there've been so many.

Included are not only the singers but credits for "dancers" who couldn't dance, "musicians" who couldn't play, and even a few actors who couldn't talk too good.

What's NOT here, obviously, is data on stars who did their own singing. But some stars sang for themselves in some movies but were dubbed in others. Barbara Stanwyck, for example, "sang" in seven movies but was only dubbed in three of them, so only those three are included here. Also, some stars were only partially dubbed in a film, doing their own singing for some of the songs but not all of them, or even singing parts of songs with only the more demanding passages dubbed. In those cases we've noted that the dubbing is only partial. (But if you don't find a listing here for a specific title you're wondering about, it doesn't necessarily mean the singer wasn't dubbed, it may mean we just don't have the information.)

And finally, there's one legendary dubbing credit you won't find here. For years it's been accepted as gospel that Andy Williams dubbed Lauren Bacall's vocals in "To Have & Have Not." The story has become something of an urban legend, but sorry folks, that was Bacall's own voice. Williams, then an unknown singer doing dubbing work in Hollywood, was hired by director Howard Hawks to record the songs because he couldn't find a female singer with a low enough voice, but when Bacall began singing along with the playback he found that he liked her voice better, so he scrapped Williams' recordings and she did the songs herself. If the story sounded too good to be true… it was.

This project has always been, and remains, a lifetime work-in- progress. Any additions and/or corrections are most welcome.

Ray Hagen

ABBOTT & COSTELLO IN HOLLYWOOD (1945): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Frances Rafferty

ABOUT FACE (1952): Bonnie Lou Williams for Phyllis Kirk

ACCUSED OF MURDER (1956): Robie Lester for Vera Ralston

ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC (1943): Martha Mears for Julie Bishop

ADVENTURE IN BALTIMORE (1949): Betty Wand for Shirley Temple

AFFAIR IN TRINIDAD (1952): Jo Ann Greer for Rita Hayworth

AIDA (1955): Renata Tebaldi for Sophia Loren

ALASKA (1944): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Margaret Lindsay / Sportsmen Quartet for Quartet

ALEXANDER THE GREAT (1956): Christopher Lee for Helmut Dantine (dialogue)

ALIBI (1929): Virginia Flohry for Irma Harrison and Jeanne Morgan / Edward Jordan for Robert Cauterio

ALL THE FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS (1960): Uan Rasey for Robert Wagner (trumpet)

ALMOST ANGELS (1962): Ferdinand Silhanek for Vincent Winter

ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo / Trudy Erwin for Ruth Roman

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (1957): Marni Nixon for Deborah Kerr

AN AMERICAN DREAM (1966): Jackie Ward for Janet Leigh

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (1951): Mac Maclain for Oscar Levant ("By Strauss") / Grace Starr, Pete Roberts (other "By Strauss" singers)

AND THE ANGELS SING (1944): Julie Gibson for Diana Lynn

ANDROCLES AND THE LION (1952): Robert Ebright for Victor Mature

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (1950): Charles Schrouder for Louis Calhern / Henry Kruse for Keenan Wynn

ANTHONY ADVERSE (1936): Carol Weiskoph for Olivia de Havilland

APARTMENT FOR PEGGY (1948): Louanne Hogan for Jeanne Crain

APRIL LOVE (1957): Eileen Wilson for Dolores Michaels / Ray Kellogg for Brad Jackson

AT THE CIRCUS (1939): Evelyn Jurs for Florence Rice

ATHENA (1954): Jacqueline [aka Jackie] Allen for Cecile Rogers / Betty Allen, Marie Vernon, Gloria Wood for Sisters (other than J. Powell, D. Reynolds, V. Gibson) / Victor Marchese for Edmund Purdom

ATLANTIS, THE LOST CONTINENT (1961): Paul Frees for various actors

BABES IN TOYLAND (1986): Linda Harmon for Drew Barrymore

BABY, THE RAIN MUST FALL (1965): Billy Strange for Steve McQueen

BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) Mark Campbell for Michael J. Fox

THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (1952): Louis Calhern for the recorded voice of Lana Turner's deceased father

BALL OF FIRE (1941): Martha Tilton for Barbara Stanwyck

THE BAND WAGON (1953): India Adams for Cyd Charisse

THE BARBARA STANWYCK SHOW "Out of the Shadows" (TV ep. 1960): Frank Beach for William Stephens (trumpet)

BATTLE OF BROADWAY (1938): Mary Martin for Gypsy Rose Lee [billed as Louise Hovick]

BEACH BLANKET BINGO (1965): Jackie Ward for Linda Evans

BEAT THE DEVIL (1954): Peter Sellers for Humphrey Bogart (dialogue, partial)

BEAU JAMES (1957): Imogene Lynn for Vera Miles

BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE (1952): Peggy Bonini for Paula Corday

THE BEGGAR'S OPERA (1953): Adele Leigh, Jennifer Vivyan, Joan Cross, John Cameron, Bruce Boye for various cast

BEHIND THE MAKE-UP (1930): Paul Grey for Paul Lukas

THE BELLE OF NEW YORK (1952): Anita Ellis for Vera-Ellen / Dick Beavers for Henry Slate

THE BENNY GOODMAN STORY (1955): Benny Goodman for Steve Allen (clarinet) / Manny Klein for Ziggy Elman (trumpet)

BEST FOOT FORWARD (1943): Gloria Grafton for Lucille Ball / Jeanne Darrell for Virginia Weidler / Ralph Blane for Jack Jordan.

THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE (1956): Eileen Wilson for Sheree North

BETRAYED (1954): Diana Coupland for Lana Turner

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (1944): Erich Wolfgang Korngold for Paul Henried (piano)

BEWITCHED (1945): Audrey Totter for Phyllis Thaxter's evil alter-ego (dialogue)

BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (1970): Lynn Carey for Dolly Reade

BIG BROADCAST OF 1936 (1935): Kenny Baker (?) for Henry Wadsworth

BIG CITY (1948): Marni Nixon for Margaret O'Brien

THE BIG LAND (1957): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo

THE BIG STREET (1942): Martha Mears for Lucille Ball

BILLY ROSE'S DIAMOND HORSESHOE (1945): Gloria Wood for "Ginger" / Louanne Hogan for "Lady Lipstick"

BILLY ROSE'S JUMBO (1962): James Joyce for Stephen Boyd

BIRTH OF THE BLUES (1941): Danny Polo for Bing Crosby (clarinet), Pokey Carriere for Brian Donlevy (trumpet)

BITTER SWEET (1940): Gloria Stark for Ruth Tobey

BLACK FRIDAY (1940): Constance Moore for Anne Nagel

BLACKMAIL (1929): Joan Barry for Anny Ondra (dialogue)

BLOCK-HEADS (1938) Chill Wills for Harry Earles (dialogue)

BLONDE TROUBLE (1937): Buddy Clark for Johnny Downs

BLONDIE GOES LATIN (1941): The Sportsmen Quartet for band members

BLOOD & BLACK LACE (Italian, 1965): Paul Frees for many actors, U.S. release (dialogue)

BLUE SKIES (1946): Betty Russell for Joan Caulfield

BLUES BUSTERS (1950): Gloria Wood for Adele Jergens / John Lorenz for Huntz Hall

BLUES IN THE NIGHT (1941): Trudy Erwin for Betty Field / Snooky Young for Jack Carson (trumpet)

BODY AND SOUL (1947): Joan Barton for various cast

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (2018): Freddie Mercury recordings and Marc Martel for Rami Malek (both partial only)

BONANZA (TV - 1965): Marni Nixon for Viveca Lindfors

BORN TO DANCE (1936): Marjorie Lane for Eleanor Powell

BOWERY TO BROADWAY (1944): Lee Sweetland for George Dolenz

THE BRIBE (1949): Eileen Wilson for Ava Gardner

BRIGADOON (1954): Carole Richards for Cyd Charisse / John Gustafson for Jimmy Thompson / Bonnie Murray for Dee Turnell / Annie Biggs, Betty Allen, Paul Roberts, Bill Reeve, Ernie Newton for various cast

BRING ON THE GIRLS (1945): Martha Mears for Marjorie Reynolds / Billy Daniels ("You Moved Right In") / Danny Dare ("How Would You Like to Take My Picture")

BROADWAY MELODY OF 1936 (1936): Marjorie Lane for Eleanor Powell

BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938 (1937): Marjorie Lane for Eleanor Powell

BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN (1940): Martha Tilton for Ellen Drew / Lillian Cornell, Betty Noyes, Barbara Van Burnt for female trio

BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON (1952): Ray "Bud" Linn for Leon Ames

BYE BYE BIRDIE (1963): Diana Lee for unidentified kid

CABARET (1972): Mark Lambert for Oliver Collignon

CAIN AND MABEL (1936): Dick Dennis for David Carlyle [aka Robert Paige]

THE CAINE MUTINY (1954): Jo Ann Greer for May Wynn

CALENDAR GIRL (1947): David Street for William Marshall

CALIFORNIA (1947): Kay St. Germaine for Barbara Stanwyck

CALL ME MADAM (1952): Carole Richards for Vera-Ellen

CALL OUT THE MARINES (1942): Martha Mears for Dorothy Lovett

CAMELOT (1967): Gene Merlino for Franco Nero

CAN-CAN (1960): Marni Nixon, Norma Zimmer for chorus singers

THE CANARY MURDER CASE (1929): Margaret Livingston for Louise Brooks (dialogue)

CARMEN JONES (1954): Marilyn Horne for Dorothy Dandridge / LaVerne Hutcherson for Harry Belafonte / Bernice Peterson for Diahann Carroll / Marvin Hayes for Joe Adams / Joe Crawford for Nick Stewart / Brock Peters for Roy Glenn

CARNIVAL IN COSTA RICA (1947): Pat Friday for Vera-Ellen

CAROUSEL (1956): Marie Greene [aka Marie Vernon] for Susan Luckey / Marni Nixon for one line for Shirley Jones in "You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan.”

CASABLANCA (1943): Elliot Carpenter for Dooley Wilson (piano)

CAST A DEADLY SPELL (1991): Darlene Koldenhoven for Julianne Moore

CENTENNIAL SUMMER (1946): Louanne Hogan for Jeanne Crain / David Street for William Eythe / Ben Gage for Cornel Wilde

CHAMPION (1949): Polly Bergen for singer on radio

CHARLIE CHAN AT THE OPERA (1936): Zarubi Elmassian for Margaret Irving / Enrico Ricardi for Gregory Gaye / Tudor Williams for Boris Karloff

CHARLIE CHAN IN RIO (1941): Andrea Marsh for Jacqueline Dalya

CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (1950): Marni Nixon for Jeanne Crain

CHECK & DOUBLE CHECK (1930): Bing Crosby for Charles Morton / Bing Crosby, Al Rinker & Harry Barris (The Rhythm Boys) for black trio in Duke Ellington's band

CINDERELLA (1950): William Phipps (dialogue) and Mike Douglas (singing) for "Prince Charming"

CINDERELLA JONES (1946): Louanne Hogan for Joan Leslie / Robert Ebright for Soldier

CITIZEN KANE (1941): Jean Forward for Dorothy Comingore

CLAMBAKE (1967): Ray Walker for Will Hutchins

THE CLIMAX (1943): Lee Sweetland for George Dolenz

THE COLOR PURPLE (1985): Tata Vega for Margaret Avery

COME TO THE STABLE (1949): Ken Darby for Hugh Marlowe / Eileen Wilson for Dorothy Patrick

CONEY ISLAND (1943): Ben Gage for George Montgomery

THE CONSTANT NYMPH (1943): Sally Sweetland for Joan Fontaine / Robert Ebright for "Londonderry Air" singer / Erich Wolfgang Korngold for Charles Boyer, Richard Ryan & Montagu Love (piano) / Eleanor Aller for Joyce Reynolds (cello) / Louis Kaufman for Jean Muir (violin)

THE CONVERSATION (1974): Justin Gordon for Gene Hackman (tenor sax)

THE COUNTESS OF MONTE CRISTO (1948): Martha Mears for Sonja Henie

COVER GIRL (1944): Martha Mears for Rita Hayworth / Diana Gaylen for Chorus Girl

COYOTE UGLY (2000): LeAnn Rimes for Piper Perabo

CRAZY HOUSE (1943): Martha Tilton for Martha O'Driscoll

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954): Ginger Stanley for Julia Adams (underwater swimming)

THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US (1956): Ruth Skinner for Leigh Snowden (underwater swimming)

CROONER (1932): Brick Holton for David Manners

CROSSROADS (1942): Connie Russell for Claire Trevor

CRY-BABY (1990): James Inteveld for Johnny Depp / Rachel Sweet for Amy Locane / Gerry Beckley for Stephen Mailer

THE CZAR OF BROADWAY (1929): Mildred Bailey for Betty Compson

DADDY LONG LEGS (1955): Thurl Ravenscroft for Fred Astaire [partial]

DAKOTA LIL (1950): Anita Ellis for Marie Windsor

A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS (1937): The Stafford Sisters (Jo, Chris, Pauline) for Jan Duggan, Mary Dean and Betty Rone / Mario Berini for Reginald Gardiner

DANCE WITH ME, HENRY (1956): Marni Nixon for Gigi Perreau

DANCING IN THE DARK (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams (singing), Miriam Franklin [Nelson] (dancing) for Betsy Drake

DANCING LADY (1933): Mildred Carroll for Joan Crawford (humming)

DARK CITY (1950): Trudy Stevens for Lizabeth Scott

DARK CITY (1998): Anita Kelsey for Jennifer Connelly

A DATE WITH JUDY (1948): Jean MacLaren for Elizabeth Taylor

DEAD RECKONING (1947): Trudy Stevens for Lizabeth Scott

DEATH TO SMOOCHY (2002): Elvis Stojko for Robin Williams (skating)

THE DAUGHTER OF ROSIE O'GRADY (1950): Bonnie Lou Williams for June Haver

DECEPTION (1946): Erich Wolfgang Korngold for Claude Rains (piano) / Shura Cherkassky for Bette Davis (piano) / Eleanor Aller for Paul Henreid (cello)

DEEP IN MY HEART (1954): Carol Richards for Cyd Charisse / Betty Wand for Tamara Toumanova

DELICIOUS (1931): Marvine Maazel for Raul Rulien (piano)

DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS (1958): Louanne Hogan for Sophia Loren (humming)

DESTINATION TOKYO (1944): Betty Russell as "Till We Meet Again" singer on disk

DO YOU LOVE ME? (1946): Arnold Ross for Maureen O'Hara (piano)

DOCTOR AT SEA (1955): Jill Day for Brigitte Bardot

DOCTOR DOOLITTLE (1967): Diana Lee for Samantha Eggar

DOCTOR, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING (1967): Marie Greene [aka Marie Vernon] for Sandra Dee

DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK (1952): Eve Marlee/Marley for Anne Bancroft

DOWN AMONG THE SHELTERING PALMS (1953): Bill Lee for William Lundigan

DOWN MISSOURI WAY (1946): Martha Mears for Martha O'Driscoll / Dorothy Ellers for Renee Godfrey

DOWN TO EARTH (1947): Kay Starr for Adele Jergens / Anita Ellis for Rita Hayworth / Hal Derwin for Larry Parks

DR. DOLITTLE (1967) Ginny Tyler for Polynesia the Parrot

DR. NO (1962): Diane Coupland for Ursula Andress

DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS (1964): Shake Keane for Roy Castle (trumpet)

DREAM GIRL (1948): Nadine Connor for Betty Hutton [partial]

DuBARRY WAS A LADY (1943): Martha Mears for Lucille Ball

DUETS (2000): Arnold McCuller for Andre Braugher

DUMBO (1940): Betty Noyes for "Mother Elephant"

EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS (1956): Paul Frees for alien invader (dialogue)

EASTER PARADE (1948): Mel Torme, the Lyttle Sisters for "Steppin' Out with My Baby" singers

EASY TO LOVE (1953): Betty Wand for Esther Williams

EASY TO WED (1945): Virginia Rees for Lucille Ball

THE EDDIE CANTOR STORY (1953): Eddie Cantor for Keefe Braselle

THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY (1956) Carmen Cavallero for Tyrone Power (piano)

ELVIS (TV - 1979): Ronnie McDowell for Kurt Russell

ELVIS AND ME (TV - 1988) Ronnie McDowell for Dale Midkiff

ELVIS AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN (TV - 1981): Ronnie McDowell for Don Johnson

EMPIRE OF THE SUN (1987) James Rainbird for Christian Bale

THE ENEMY BELOW (1957): Robert Ebright for Curt Jurgens

ENTER MADAME (1935): Nina Koshetz for Elissa Landi

ESCAPE ME NEVER (1945): Peg LaCentra for Ida Lupino / Erich Wolfgang Korngold for Errol Flynn (piano)

EVERYBODY DOES IT (1949): Helen Spann for Linda Darnell / Steve Kamalyan for Paul Douglas

EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (1997): Olivia Hayman for Drew Barrymore

EXCUSE MY DUST (1951): Gloria Gray for Sally Forrest

THE EXORCIST (1973): Mercedes McCambridge for Linda Blair (voice of Satan)

EXPERIMENT PERILOUS (1944): Paula Raymond for Hedy Lamarr

THE FALLEN SPARROW (1943): Martha Mears for Martha O'Driscoll

FANCY PANTS (1950): Annette Warren for Lucille Ball

FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD (1968): Ilsa Cameron for Julie Christie

FATHER IS A BACHELOR (1950): Buddy Clark for William Holden / Jerry Adler for Billy Gray (harmonica)

FEDORA (1978): Inga Bunsch for Hildegarde Knef and Marthe Keller (dialogue)

THE FIFTH ELEMENT (1997): Inva Mula-Tchako for Maiween Le Besco

52nd STREET (1937): Virginia Verrill for Pat Patterson

THE FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN (1949): Virginia Rees for Marie Windsor

FIRST WIVES CLUB (1996): Bette Midler for Michelle Brilliant (Young Brenda) / Goldie Hawn for Dina Spybey (Young Elise) / Diane Keaton for Adria Tennor (Young Annie) / Stockard Channing for Juliehera DeStefano (Young Cynthia) (all dialogue)

FIVE AGAINST THE HOUSE (1955): Jo Ann Greer for Kim Novak

THE FIVE PENNIES (1959): Eileen Wilson for Barbara Bel Geddes

THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T (1953): Tommy Butala for Tommy Rettig

FLOWER DRUM SONG (1961): B.J. (Betty Jane) Baker for Nancy Kwan / Jon Dodson for Kam Tong / Marilyn Horne for Reiko Sato

FOOTLIGHT SERENADE (1942): Ben Gage for Victor Mature

FOR LOVE OR COUNTRY (2000): Arturo Sandoval for Andy Garcia (trumpet)

FOR ME AND MY GAL (1942): The Sportsmen Quartet for quartet

THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE (1962): Angela Lansbury for Ingrid Thulin (dialogue)

FOUR JACKS AND A JILL (1941): Martha Mears for Anne Shirley

FRANKIE & JOHNNY (1966): Eileen Wilson for Donna Douglas

THE FRENCH LINE (1953): Bob Monet (?) for Gilbert Roland

FREUD (1962): Paul Frees for parts of John Huston's voiceover narration (dialogue)

FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953): Manny Klein for Montgomery Clift (trumpet)

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963): Barbara Jefford for Daniela Bianchi (dialogue)

FRONTIER GAL: (1946): Doreen Tryden for Yvonne De Carlo

FUN TIME (1944 Musical Parade short): Martha Tilton for Noel Neill

FUNNY GIRL (1968): Betty Wand in "Autumn Bride"

THE GANGSTER (1947): Martha Mears for Belita

GENEVIEVE (1953) Kenny Baker for Kay Kendall (trumpet)

GENTLEMEN MARRY BRUNETTES (1956): Anita Ellis for Jeanne Crain / Robert Farnon for Scott Brady

GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES (1953): Marni Nixon for Marilyn Monroe [partial: "Diamonds" intro & parts of "Two Little Girls from Little Rock"]

GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS (1945) Joan Davis for Beverly Wills

G.I. BLUES (1958): Loulie Jean Norman for Juliet Prowse / Robert Ebright for German folk song on disk

GIGI (1958): Betty Wand for Leslie Caron (partial) / John Abbott for unnamed singer / Paul Frees for various French-sounding bit actors (dialogue). For French soundtrack (dialogue & songs): Sacha Distel for Louis Jourdan, Marie-France for Leslie Caron, Jane Marken for Hermione Gingold.

GILDA (1946): Anita Ellis for Rita Hayworth

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND (TV - 1965): Jackie de Shannon for Dawn Wells

THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT (1956): Eileen Wilson for Jayne Mansfield

GIRL CRAZY (1943): Oscar Moore for Mickey Rooney (guitar) / Arthur Schutt for Mickey Rooney (piano)

THE GIRL MOST LIKELY (1957): Hal Derwin for Cliff Robertson

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR (1953): Beryl Davis for June Haver

GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! (1962): Gilda Maiken for Stella Stevens

GIVE A GIRL A BREAK: (1953): Bill Lee for Gower Champion

GIVE US THIS NIGHT (1936): Allan Rogers for Alan Mowbray / Erich Wolfgang Korngold for Philip Merivale (piano)

GLORY (1956): Norma Zimmer for Margaret O'Brien

GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 (1933): Jeane Cowann for Joan Blondell

GOLDFINGER (1964): Michael Collins for Gert Frobe (English dialogue)

GOLDEN SLIPPERS (1946 short): Mary Roche for Mary Edwards

THE GOLDWYN FOLLIES (1938): Virginia Verrill for Andrea Leeds

GOOD NEWS (1947): The Williams Brothers (assist to "Be a Ladies Man" trio)

GRAND PRIX (1966): Paul Frees for Toshiro Mifune & misc. drivers (dialogue)

THE GREAT CARUSO (1951): Jacqueline Allen for boy soloist Michael Collins (“Ave Maria“) / Peter Edward Price for Enrico Caruso as a boy

THE GREAT JOHN L. (1945): Trudy Erwin for Linda Darnell

THE GREAT LIE (1941): Max Rabinovitz (piano) and Norma Boleslavsky (hands on keyboard) for Mary Astor

THE GREAT RACE (1965): Jackie Ward for Natalie Wood

THE GREAT WALTZ (1938): Earl Covert for Fernand Gravet / Toscha Seidel for Fermand Gravet (violin)

THE GREAT WALTZ (1972): Ken Barrie for Horst Bucholtz / Joan Baxter for Yvonne Mitchell

THE GREAT ZIEGFELD (1936): Allan Jones for Stanley Morner [later Dennis Morgan]

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (1952) Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Betty Hutton [partial]

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN (2017): Loren Allred for Rebecca Ferguson

THE GREEN HORNET (1940 serial): Al Hodge for Gordon Jones (dialogue)

GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN … (1984): Glenn Close for Andie McDowell (dialogue)

GROUNDS FOR MARRIAGE (1950): Stephen Kemalyan and Gilbert Russell for Van Johnson

GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (1939): Jessica Dragonette for "Princess" / Lanny Ross for "Prince"

GUN LAW (1933) Jack Kirk for Jack Hoxie

GYPSY (1962): Lisa Kirk for Rosalind Russell (except "Mr. Goldstone" and spoken parts of "Rose's Turn") / Marni Nixon for Natalie Wood [partial]

HALF A SIXPENCE (1967): Marti Webb for Julia Foster

HANDEL'S LAST CHANCE (TV, 1996): Christopher Bell for Tod Fennell

HANDLE WITH CARE (1932): Leah Ray for Boots Mallory

THE HANGOVER #3 (2013): Fletcher Sheridan for Zach Galifianakis

HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN (1953): Ray "Bud" Linn in "Wonderful Copenhagen"

HAPPY GO LOVELY (1951): Eve Boswell for Vera-Ellen

HAPPY GO LUCKY (1943): The Sportsmen Quartet for Chorus

THE HARD WAY (1942): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie

HARLOW (1965): Mary Mayo for vocal solos and obligatos

THE HARVEY GIRLS (1945): Marion Doenges for Cyd Charisse / Virginia Rees for Angela Lansbury

HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL? (1953): Martha Mears for Lynn Bari

HERE COME THE WAVES (1944): Miriam Nelson for Betty Hutton (taps)

THE HELEN MORGAN STORY (1957): Gogi Grant for Ann Blyth

HELL ON FRISCO BAY (1956): Bonnie Lou Williams for Joanne Dru

HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS (1960): Betty Wand for Sophia Loren

HELLFIRE (1949): Virginia Rees for Marie Windsor

HELLO, DOLLY! (1969): Melissa Stafford (solo vocals) and Gilda Maiken (ensemble vocals) for Marianne McAndrew

HELLO, FRISCO, HELLO (1943): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus

HELEN OF TROY (1956): Jacques Sernas for Edmund Purdom (English-speaking voice).

HER HUSBAND LIES (1937): Harriet Lee for Gail Patrick

THE HIGH & THE MIGHTY (1954): Muzzy Marcelino for John Wayne (whistling)

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (TV - 2006): Drew Seeley for Zac Efron

HIGHER AND HIGHER (1943): Martha Mears for Michele Morgan

HIT PARADE OF 1943 (1943): Jeanne Darrell for Susan Hayward / Ruth Fox for Gail Patrick

HIT THE DECK (1955): Rex Dennis and Clark Burroughs (finale) for Russ Tamblyn

HOEDOWN (1950): Gene Autry for Jock O'Mahoney

HOLD YOUR MAN (1933): Harriet Lee for Jean Harlow [partial]

HOLIDAY IN MEXICO (1946): Rece Saxon for Ilona Massey

HOLIDAY INN (1942): Martha Mears for Marjorie Reynolds

HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN (1946): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie

THE HOLLYWOOD REVUE OF 1929 (1929): Charles King for Conrad Nagel

HOME IN OKLAHOMA (1946): Ken Carson for Pat Brady (parts of "Cowboy Ham and Eggs" only)

THE HOODLUM SAINT (1946): Doreen Tryden for Angela Lansbury

HOT BLOOD (1956): Matt Mattox for Cornel Wilde (dancing)

HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY (1940): Harriet Lee for Joan Bennett

HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET (2012): Sarah Freeman for Jennifer Lawrence

HOUSE OF BAMBOO (1955): Richard Loo for Sessue Hayakawa (dialogue)

HOW THE WEST WAS WON (1962): Marni Nixon for Carroll Baker / The Mellomen for Chorus

HOW TO BE VERY, VERY POPULAR (1955): Eileen Wilson for Sheree North

HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI (1965): Lu Ann Simms for Irene Tsu (partial)

THE HUCKSTERS (1947): Eileen Wilson for Ava Gardner

HUMORESQUE (1946): Isaac Stern for JohnGarfield (violin)

HURRY SUNDOWN (1966): Ronnie Lang for Michael Caine (alto sax)

HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE (1965): Al Martino for Joseph Cotton

I LOVE A BANDLEADER (1945): Dorothy Ellers for Leslie Brooks / Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for "Mr. Beebe" number

I WALK ALONE (1948): Trudy Stevens for Lizabeth Scott

I WANTED WINGS (1941): Martha Mears for Veronica Lake

I WONDER WHO'S KISSING HER NOW (1947): Buddy Clark for Mark Stevens / Miriam Franklin [Nelson] (dancing) for June Haver

ICE PRINCESS (2005) Jennifer Robinson, Lauren Wilson & Sandra Rucker for Michelle Trachtenberg (ice skating)

THE IDOL MAKER (1980): Jesse Frederick for Paul Land

IF YOU KNEW SUSIE (1948): Betty Wand for Margaret Kerry

ILLEGAL (1956): Bonnie Lou Williams for Jayne Mansfield

I'M NOT THERE (2007): Mason Jennings for Christian Bale / Stephen Malkmus for Cate Blanchett

IMITATION OF LIFE (1958): Jo Ann Greer for Susan Kohner

IN COLD BLOOD (1967): Paul Frees for various Kansas voices (dialogue)

IN OLD SANTA FE (1934): Bob Nolan for Ken Maynard

IN THE LINE OF FIRE (1993): Jay Rosenthal for Clint Eastwood (piano)

INDISCREET (1931): Diana Gaylen for Barbara Kent

INSIDE DAISY CLOVER (1966): Jackie Ward for Natalie Wood

INTERMEZZO - A LOVE STORY (1939): Toscha Seidel) for Leslie Howard (violin) / Norma Boleslawky for Ingrid Bergman & John Halliday (piano)

INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT (1938): Winnie Parker (aka Mona Lowe) for Dolores Del Rio

INTERRUPTED MELODY (1955): Eileen Farrell for Eleanor Parker

INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE (TV - 2000): Wendi Williams for Halle Berry

THE INVESTIGATORS (CBS TV-1961: "New Sound for the Blues") Jo Ann Greer for Claire Trevor

IRISH EYES ARE SMILING (1944): The Sportsmen Quartet for quartet

IS EVERYBODY HAPPY? (1943) Ted Lewis for Michael Duane (clarinet)

ISN'T IT ROMANTIC? (1948): Martha Mears for Veronica Lake / Imogene Lynn for Mona Freeman

IT'S A GREAT LIFE (1943) Penny Singleton for Daisy the dog (dialogue)

IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (1955): Carole Richards for Cyd Charisse / Jud Conlin (or Clark Burroughs) for Michael Kidd

IT'S GREAT TO BE YOUNG (1956): Edna Savage for Dorothy Bromiley / Humphrey Lyttleton for John Mills (trumpet)

I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU (1946): Artur Rubenstein for Catherine McLeod (piano)

JACK & THE BEANSTALK (TV - 1967): Marni Nixon for animated princess

JAMBOREE (1957): Connie Francis for Freda Holloway

THE JAZZ SINGER (1927): Joseph Diskay for Warner Oland / Cantor Saul Silverman for Eduard Franz / Bert Fiske for Al Jolson (piano)

THE JAZZ SINGER (1953): Cantor Saul Silverman for Eduard Franz

JEANNE EAGLES (1957): Eileen Wilson for Kim Novak

JENNIFER (1953): Marni Nixon for Ida Lupino

JITTERBUGS (1943): Frank Beach for Oliver Hardy (trumpet)

JOAN OF ARC (1948): Marni Nixon, offscreen voice during burning at the stake

JOLSON SINGS AGAIN (1949): Al Jolson for Larry Parks / Cantor Saul Silverman for Ludwig Donath

THE JOLSON STORY (1946): Al Jolson for Larry Parks / Rudy Wissler for Scotty Beckett / Virginia Rees (singing), Miriam Franklin [Nelson] (dancing) for Evelyn Keyes / Cantor Saul Silverman for Ludwig Donath

THE JOSEPHINE BAKER STORY (TV - 1990): Carol Dennis for Lynn Whitfield

JUKE BOX JENNIE (1942): Susan Miller for Iris Adrian

JUMPING JACKS (1952): Imogene Lynn for Mona Freeman

JUPITER'S DARLING (1955): Jo Ann Greer (singing) and Ginger Stanley (partial, underwater swimming) for Esther Williams

KATHLEEN (1941): Thora Matthiason for Shirley Temple

KENTUCKY MOONSHINE (1938): Andrea Marsh for Marjorie Weaver

THE KID FROM BROOKLYN(1946): Dorothy Ellers for Vera-Ellen / Betty Russell for Virginia Mayo / Frankie Laine, Joan Barton for chorus singers / Peg LaCentra for all the Goldwyn Girls

THE KING AND I (1956): Marni Nixon for Deborah Kerr / Leona Gordon (or Cleone Duncan) for Rita Moreno / Reuben Fuentes for Carlos Rivas

KING OF GAMBLERS (1937): Grace Saxon for Claire Trevor

KINGS GO FORTH (1958): Pete Candoli for Tony Curtis(trumpet)

KINGS ROW (1942): Norma Boleslawsky for Robert Cummings (piano)

KISMET (1944): Doreen Tryden for Joy Ann Page

KISMET (1955): John Gustafson for Phil Rich / Betty Wand, Barbara Allen for chorus singers in "Rahadlakum"

KISS ME DEADLY (1955): Kitty White for Mady Comfort

KISS ME STUPID (1964): Ian Freebairn-Smith for Ray Walston

KNICKERBOCKER HOLIDAY (1944): Sally Sweetland for Constance Dowling

LA BAMBA (1987): David Hidalgo for Lou Diamond Phillips

LA CONGA NIGHTS (1940): Larry Carr for Dennis O'Keefe

LA PARISIENNE (1958): Christiane Legrand for Brigitte Bardot

LA VIE EN ROSE [aka L'Etoile Sans Lumiere] (2007): Edith Piaf (vintage recordings) for Marion Cotillard

LADIES OF THE CHORUS (1949): Virginia Rees for Adele Jergens

THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1948): Anita Ellis for Rita Hayworth

THE LADY IS WILLING (1942): Virginia Rees for Marlene Dietrich (one song only)

LAND OF THE PHAROAHS (1955): Patricia Hitchcock for Piero Giagnoni and Luisa Boni (dialogue)

LATIN LOVERS (1953): Carlos Ramirez for Ricardo Montalban

LAUGH YOUR BLUES AWAY (1942): Nora Lou Martin for Jinx Falkenburg

LAWLESS FRONTIER (1934): Bill Bradbury for John Wayne

LAWLESS RANGE (1935): Jack Kirk for John Wayne

LEADBELLY (1976) Hi Tide Harris for Roger E. Mosley

THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER (1981): James Keach for Klinton Spilsbury (dialogue)

LES GIRLS (1957): Betty Wand for Kay Kendall [partial]

LES UNS ET LES AUTRES (1980): Jackie Ward for Geraldine Chaplin

LET'S BE HAPPY (1957): Joan Small for Vera-Ellen

LET'S DO IT AGAIN (1953): Johnny Williams for Ray Milland (drums)

LET'S GO PLACES [aka HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS] (1930): Boswell Sisters for unbilled trio

LET'S MAKE LOVE (1960): Gloria Wood for Marilyn Monroe [partial]

LIFE BEGINS AT COLLEGE (1937): Leah Ray for Gloria Stuart

LI'L ABNER (1959): Imogene Lynn for Leslie Parrish

LILLIAN RUSSELL (1940): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus

LILLIES OF THE FIELD (1963): Jester Hairston for Sidney Poitier

THE LION KING (1994): Jim Cummings for Jeremy Irons [partial]

THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSINGER (1963): Paul Frees for various actors

LITTLE MISS BROADWAY (1938): The Sportsmen Quartet for Quartet

A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC (1977): Elaine Tomkinson for Elizabeth Taylor, Leslie-Anne Down & Chloe Franks [all partial]

LIVING IT UP (1954): Gloria Wood for Sheree North

THE LODGER (1944): Lorraine Elliot for Merle Oberon

LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams for June Haver

LOST HORIZON (1973): Diana Lee for Liv Ullman / Jerry Whitman for Peter Finch (partial) / Andra Willis for Olivia Hussey

LOVE THAT BRUTE (1950): Jeri Sullivan for Jean Peters

THE LOVES OF CARMEN (1948): Anita Ellis for Rita Hayworth

LOVESTRUCK (2013): Susan Boyd for Jane Seymour

LUCKY ME (1954): Hal Derwin for Robert Cummings

LULLABY OF BROADWAY (1951): Hal Derwin for Gene Nelson (partial)

LUSH LIFE (1993): Bob Cooper for Jeff Goldblum (tenor sax)

M (1931) Fritz Lang for Peter Lorre (whistling)

THE MAD GHOUL (1943): Lillian Cornell for Evelyn Ankers

THE MAGIC BOW (1946) Yehudi Menuhin for Stewart Granger (violin)

MAGIC FIRE (1954): Erich Wolfgang Korngold for Alan Badel & Carlos Thompson (piano)

THE MALE ANIMAL (1942): Martha Mears for record of "Who"

A MAN CALLED ADAM (1966): Nat Adderley for Sammy Davis Jr. (trumpet)

THE MAN FROM UTAH (1934): Bill Bradbury for John Wayne

THE MAN I LOVE (1946): Peg LaCentra for Ida Lupino

MAN OF LA MANCHA (1972): Simon Gilbert for Peter O'Toole

THE MAN WHO CRIED (2000): Salvatore Licitra for John Turturro

THE MAN WITH A CLOAK (1951): Harriet Lee for Barbara Stanwyck

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM (1956): Pete Condoli for Frank Sinatra (trumpet)

MANY HAPPY RETURNS (1934): Duke Ellington for Guy Lombardo (piano)

MARDI GRAS (1958): Eileen Wilson for Sheree North and Christine Carere

MARGIE (1940): Larry Carr for Tom Brown

MARGIE (1946): Louanne Hogan for Jeanne Crain

MARGUERITE (2013): Virginia Gatineau for Catherine Frot

MARY POPPINS (1964): Marni Nixon for the animated singing geese / Ginny Tyler for various 'Jolly Holiday' barnyard animals / Bill Walsh for Jane Darwell (dialogue) / David Tomlinson for Mary's parrot-head umbrella handle and other cartoon characters

MASK OF DIMITRIOS (1944): Louanne Hogan for Faye Emerson (humming)

MEET ME AT THE FAIR (1952): Jo Ann Greer for Carole Matthews

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MEET ME ON BROADWAY (1946): Martha Mears for Marjorie Reynolds / Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Jinx Falkenburg / Elva Kellogg for Spring Byington

MEET THE PEOPLE (1944): Gloria Grafton for Lucille Ball / Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for June Allyson (partial- a few bars in harmony)

MEETING VENUS (1992): Kiri Te Kanawa for Glenn Close

MERRY ANDREW (1958): Betty Wand for Pier Angeli / Bill Lee for Robert Coote

THE MERRY WIDOW (1952): Trudy Erwin for Lana Turner

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (1935): Carol Weiskoph for Anita Louise

THE MIGHTY BARNUM (1934): Diana Gaylen (or Francia White) for Virginia Bruce

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: Carol Weiskopff for Anita Louise

MIDWAY (1976): Paul Frees for Toshiro Mifune (dialogue)

MILLIONS IN THE AIR (1935): Bing Crosby for Paul Newlan / Marjorie Lane for Wendy Barrie / Larry Cotton for John Howard

MISS ANNIE ROONEY (1942) Roland Dupree for Dickie Moore (dancing)

MISS SADIE THOMPSON (1953): Jo Ann Greer for Rita Hayworth

MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE (1946): Betty Russell for Joan Caulfield

MONTANA (1950): Bonnie Lou Williams for Alexis Smith

MOON OVER LAS VEGAS (1944): (1944): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus

MOONFLEET (1955): Patricia Hitchcock for Donna Corcoran (dialogue)

MOTHER WORE TIGHTS (1947): Imogene Lynn for Mona Freeman / Gloria Wood (humming in "Bowling Green")

MOULIN ROUGE (1953): Muriel Smith for Zsa Zsa Gabor

MR. GRIFFIN AND ME (TV - 1980): Lynn Roberts for Gloria Grahame

MR. IMPERIUM (1951): Trudy Erwin for Lana Turner

MR. PEABODY AND THE MERMAID (1948): Martha Mears for Andrea King

MULAN (Disney animated film, 1998): Lea Salonga (singing) & Ming-Na Wen (speaking) for Mulan / Marni Nixon (singing) & June Foray (speaking) for Grandmother Fa

MURDER IN THE BLUE ROOM (1944): Martha Tilton for Anne Gwynne

MUSIC IN THE AIR (1934): Betty Hiesand for June Lang and (partial, in finale) Gloria Swanson / James O'Brien for Douglass Montgomery

THE MUSIC MAN (1962): The Mellomen for townspeople

MY DARLING CLEMENTINE (1946): Kay St. Germaine for Linda Darnell

MY DREAM IS YOURS (1949): Hal Derwin for Lee Bowman

MY FAIR LADY (1964): Marni Nixon for Audrey Hepburn / Bill Shirley for Jeremy Brett

MY FAVORITE SPY (1951): Martha Mears for Hedy Lamarr

MY FRIEND IRMA (1949) Hans Conried for Felix Bressart (dialogue)

MY GAL SAL (1942): Nan Wynn for Rita Hayworth / Ben Gage for Victor Mature

MY GEISHA (1962): Michuko Sunahara for Shirley MacLaine

MY THREE SONS: "The Advent of Fergus" (9/13/71) Alan Cailou for Fred MacMurray as Scottish cousin Fergus (dialogue)

NAKED ALIBI (1954): Jo Ann Greer for Gloria Grahame

NAUGHTY BUT NICE (1939): Vera Vann for Ann Sheridan ("In a Moment of Weakness" only)

NEVER SAY GOODBYE (1956): Virginia Rees for Cornell Borchers

NEW ORLEANS (1947): Theodora Lynch for Dorothy Patrick

NEW YORK NIGHTS (1929): Diana Gaylen for Norma Talmadge

NIGHT AND DAY (1946): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Dorothy Malone

A NIGHT AT EARL CARROLL'S (1940): Marylan Cook in "Cali-Conga" number

A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935): Bill Days for chorus singer

NIGHT IN THE CITY: (1950): Maudie Edwards for Gene Tierney

THE NIGHT WE CALLED IT A DAY (2003) Tom Burlinson for Dennis Hopper

NO SMALL AFFAIR (1984): Chrissy Faith for Demi Moore

NOCTURNE (1946): Martha Mears for Virginia Huston

ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW (1959): Milt Jackson for Harry Belafonte (vibraphone)

OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? (2000): Dan Tyminksi for George Clooney / Emmy Lou Harris, Gillian Welch & Allison Kraus for trio of sirens

OH, ROSALINDA (1955): Sari Barabas for Ludmilla Tcherina / Walter Berry for Anton Walbrook / Dennis Darling for Dennis Price / Alexander Young for Mel Ferrer

OH, YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams for June Haver / Bill Shirley for Mark Stevens

OLD MOTHER RILEY IN SOCIETY (1940): Celia Lipton for Kitty McShane

OLIVER! (1968): Kathe Greene for Mark Lester

ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU (1948): Leo Rojo for Ricardo Montalban

ON THE AVENUE (1937): The Sportsmen Quartet for quartet

ON THE RIVIERA (1951): Paula Dehelly for Corinne Calvet / Veola Vonn for Gwen Verdon

ON WITH THE SHOW (1929): Josephine Houston for Sally O'Neill / Lorainne Winston for Betty Compson

THE ONE & ONLY GENUINE ORIGINAL FAMILY BAND (1968): Ernest Newton for Buddy Ebsen

ONE CHANCE (2014): Paul Potts for James Corden

ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON (1949): Marion Morgan for Dorothy Malone / Trudy Erwin for girl on bicycle

ONE TOUCH OF VENUS (1948): Eileen Wilson for Ava Gardner

THE OPPOSITE SEX (1956): Jo Ann Greer for June Allyson (for "A Perfect Love" only) / Johnny O'Neill for Jeff Richards

ORCHESTRA WIVES (1942): Pat Friday for Lynn Bari / Johnny Best for George Montgomery (trumpet)

THE OTHER LOVE (1947): Ania Dorfman for Barbara Stanwyck (piano)

OUR WIFE (1941): Mannie Klein for Melvyn Douglas (trumpet)

OUT OF THIS WORLD (1945): Bing Crosby for Eddie Bracken / Betty Russell for Diana Lynn

PACIFIC BLACKOUT (1941) Martha Mears for Eva Gabor

PAGAN LOVE SONG (1950): Betty Wand for Esther Williams

PAINT YOUR WAGON (1969): Anita Gordon for Jean Seberg

PAINTING THE CLOUDS WITH SUNSHINE (1951): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo / Trudy Erwin for Virginia Gibson / Ziggy Elman for Gene Nelson (trumpet)

PAL JOEY (1957): Trudy Ewan (aka Trudy Stevens) for Kim Novak / Jo Ann Greer for Rita Hayworth

THE PALEFACE (1948): Annette Warren for Iris Adrian

THE PALM BEACH STORY (1942): Phil Moore for Jimmy Conlin (piano)

THE PARSON OF PANAMINT (1941): Martha Mears for Ellen Drew

PAY OR DIE (1960): David Toleri for Howard Caine

PEPE (1960): Marni Nixon for Janet Leigh (humming)

PEST FROM THE WEST (1939) Charley Chase for Mexican singer

PETE KELLY'S BLUES (1955): Dick Cathcart for Jack Webb (trumpet)

PETER PAN (1953): Jackie Allen for Kathryn Beaumont

THE PETTY GIRL (1950): Carole Richards for Joan Caulfield and Movita / Dick Williams for Robert Cummings

PHANTOM LADY (1944): Buddy Rich for Elisha Cook Jr. (drums)

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1962): Pat Clark for Heather Sears

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (2004) Margaret Preece for Minnie Driver

THE PIANIST (2002): Janusz Olejniczak for Adrien Brody (piano)

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1945): Doreen Tryden for Donna Reed

THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN (1976): Julie Andrews for Michael Robbins

PINNOCHIO (1939): Dickie Jones for "Pinnochio" / Cliff Edwards for "Jiminy Cricket" / Walter Catlett for "J. Worthington Foulfellow" / Christian Rub for "Gepetto"

PIRATES OF PENZANCE (1983): Marcia Shaw for Teresa Codling / Alexandra Korey for Louise Gold / Stephen Hanan for David Hatton

PLAYING AROUND (1930): Belle Mann for Alice White

POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL (1936): Dick Webster for Tony Martin

PORGY AND BESS (1959): Robert McFerrin for Sidney Poitier / Adele Addison for Dorothy Dandridge / Inez Matthews for Ruth Attaway / Loulie Jean Norman for Diahann Carroll

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972): Renee Armand for Carol Lynley / James Joyce for Ernest Borgnine / Paul Ely for Gene Hackman / Betty Wand for Shelley Winters

POT O' GOLD (1940): Vera Vann for Paulette Goddard

PRESENTING LILY MARS (1943): Mary Kent for Connie Gilchrist / Ralph Blane for Charles Walters

THE PRINCESS & THE PIRATE (1944): Louanne Hogan for Virginia Mayo

THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETH AND ESSEX (1939): Faith Kruger for Olivia de Havilland / Erich Wolfgang Korngold for Nanette Fabray (harpsichord)

PRIX DE BEAUTE (1930, silent, in sound relese) Helene Regelly for Louise Brooks

THE PRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY (1933): Bernice Alstock for Myrna Loy

PROFESSIONAL SWEETHEART (1933): Etta Moten for Theresa Harris

PSYCHO (1960): Virginia Gregg, Paul Jasmine & Jeanette Nolan for "Mrs. Bates" (dialogue)

PURSUIT OF THE GRAF SPEE / BATTLE OF THE RIVER PLATE (1956): Muriel Smith for April Olrich

QUEEN OF BURLESQUE (1946): Dorothy Ellers for Evelyn Ankers

RAINBOW ISLAND (1944): Hal Derwin for Barry Sullivan

RAINBOW 'ROUND MY SHOULDER (1952): Jo Ann Greer for Charlotte Austin

THE RAT PACK (TV - 1998): Michael Dees for Ray Liotta / Gunnar Madsen for Don Cheadle

RAW WIND IN EDEN (1958): Paul Frees for Carlos Thompson (dialogue)

RAY (2004) Ray Charles for Jamie Foxx

READY FOR LOVE (1934): Mona Lowe for Marjorie Rambeau

READY, WILLING AND ABLE (1937): James Newill for Ross Alexander

REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM (1938): Loretta Lee for Phyllis Brooks

RECKLESS (1935): Virginia Verrill for Jean Harlow

REMAINS OF THE DAY (1993): Ann Murray for Brigitte Kahn

REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955): Ginger Stanley for Lori Nelson / Robert Lee Tinney for John Agar (underwater swimming)

RHAPSODY (1954): Claudio Arrau for John Ericson (piano), Michael Rabin for Vittorio Gassman (violin)

RHAPSODY IN BLUE (1945): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie / Bill Days for Mark Stevens / Ray Turner for Robert Alda (piano)

RIDERS OF DESTINY (1933): Bill Bradbury for John Wayne

RISE AND SHINE (1941): Jeanne Darrell for Linda Darnell

RIVER OF NO RETURN (1954): Marni Nixon for Marilyn Monroe [partial]

ROAD SHOW (1941): Martha Mears for Carole Landis

THE ROBE (1953): Carole Richards for Betta St. John

ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS (1993): Arthur Rubin for Cary Elwes

ROCK ALL NIGHT (1957): Nora Hayes for Abby Dalton

ROCK, ROCK, ROCK (1956): Connie Frances for Tuesday Weld

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975): Trevor White for Peter Hinwood

ROMANCE (1930): Diana Gaylen for Greta Garbo

ROGUES' REGIMENT (1948): Martha Mears for Märta Torén

ROSALIE (1937): Camille Sorey for Lois Clements

ROSE OF SANTA ROSA (1947): Jewel Eberly for Patricia White / Ken Harvey for Eduardo Noriega

ROSE OF THE RANCHO (1936): Jack Dale for Gladys Swarthout (whistling)

ROSIE: THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY STORY (TV - 1982): Rosemary Clooney for Sondra Locke and Penelope Milford

ROUTE 66 (TV - 1961): Marni Nixon for Ethel Waters

ROYAL WEDDING (1951): Bill Reeve for Keenan Wynn

RUN OF THE ARROW (1957): Angie Dickinson for Sarita Montiel (dialogue)

THE RUSSIA HOUSE (1990): Branford Marsalis for Sean Connery (soprano sax)

THE SALTON SEA (2002): Terence Blanchard for Val Kilmer (trumpet)

SAN ANTONIO (1945): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Alexis Smith

SARATOGA (1937): Mary Dees (body double) and Paula Winslowe (dialogue double) for Jean Harlow's uncompleted scenes / Grace Saxon, title song

THE SAXON CHARM (1948): Martha Mears for Audrey Totter

SAY ONE FOR ME (1959): Rosemary Jun for Judy Harriet

THE SEA CHASE (1955): Bonnie Lou Williams for Lana Turner

THE SEA HAWK (1940): Sally Sweetland for Brenda Marshall

SECOND CHORUS (1940): Bobby Hackett for Fred Astaire (trumpet) / Billy Butterfield for Burgess Meredith (trumpet)

THE SECOND GREATEST SEX (1955): Doreen Tryden for Jeanne Crain / Bill Lee for George Nader

THE SECRET GARDEN (1949): Marni Nixon for Margaret O'Brien

SELINA (1997): Selana Quatanilla for Jennifer Lopez

SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (1954): Bill Lee for Matt Mattox / Norma Zimmer for Betty Carr / Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Norma Doggett / Marie Vernon [aka Marie Greene] for Nancy Kilgas / Betty Noyes for Ruta Kilmonis [aka Ruta Lee] / Betty Allen for Julie Newmeyer [aka Julie Newmar] / Alan Davies, Charles Parlato, Robert Wacker, Gene Lanham, M. Spergel and Howard Hudson for various brothers

SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROCK (TV - 1994) Julianna Raye for Renee Zellweger

THE SHERIFF OF FRACTURED JAW (1959): Connie Francis for Jayne Mansfield

SHE'S BACK ON BROADWAY (1953): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo

SHE'S WORKING HER WAY THROUGH COLLEGE (1953): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo / Hal Derwin for Gene Nelson [partial]

SHINE ON HARVEST MOON (1944): Lynn Martin for Ann Sheridan

SHOPWORN ANGEL (1938): Mary Martin for Margaret Sullavan

SHOW BOAT (1929): Eva Olivotti for Laura LaPlante

SHOW BOAT (1951): Annette Warren for Ava Gardner (Gardner on soundtrack album)

SHOW BUSINESS (1944): Nora Martin for Nancy Kelly

SHOW GIRL IN HOLLYWOOD (1929): Belle Mann for Alice White

SIGN OF THE RAM (1948): Dorothy Ellers for Susan Peters

THE SILENCERS (1966): Vicki Carr for Cyd Charisse

SILK STOCKINGS (1957): Carole Richards for Cyd Charisse / Bill Lee for Joseph Buloff / Ernest Newton for Peter Lorre / Mac Maclain, Jud Conlon, Charles Parlato, Clyde Ocum and Charles Schroeder for "Ritz Roll 'n' Rock" singers

SILVER SKATES (1943): Martha Mears for Patricia Morison

SINATRA (TV - 1992): Frank Sinatra (records), Frank Sintra Jr. and Tom Burlinson for Philip Casnoff

SING ANOTHER CHORUS (1941): Lillian Carmen for Iris Adrian

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952): Betty Noyes for Jean Hagen (singing "Would You?") / Jean Hagen for Debbie Reynolds (dubbing Jean Hagen's Lina Lamont screen dialogue) / Gene Kelly for Debbie Reynolds (her taps in the "Good Morning" number)

SKIRTS AHOY (1953): Joan Elmes for Joan Evans

THE SKY'S THE LIMIT (1943): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie ("Shining Hour")

SLEEPING BEAUTY (1959): Bill Shirley for "Prince" / Mary Costa for "Princess Aurora"

SMASH-UP, THE STORY OF A WOMAN (1947): Peg LaCentra for Susan Hayward / Hal Derwin for Lee Bowman

SMILIN' THROUGH (1932): Georgia Stark for Norma Shearer

SNOW WHITE: A TALE OF TERROR (1997): Karen Hart for Sigourney Weaver

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (1937): Adriana Caselotti for Snow White / Harry Stockwell for Prince

SNOW WHITE & THE THREE STOOGES (1961): Bill Lee for Edson Stroll / Norma Zimmer for Carol Heiss

SO DEAR TO MY HEART (1948): Betty Russell: Main title

SOMBRERO (1953) Bill Lee for Vittorio Gassman / Charles Schroeder for Rick Jason

SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959) Paul Frees for Tony Curtis (falsetto dialogue) and Tito Vuolo (dialogue)

SOMEBODY LOVES ME (1952): Pat Morgan for Ralph Meeker / Barbara Ames for Adele Jergens and Bea Allen / Kitty White for Jeni LeGon / Le Clark for Sid Tomack / Jack Baker for Henry Slate

SOMETHING ABOUT LEE WILEY (TV - 1963): Joy Bryan for Piper Laurie

SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT (1946): Joan Barton for Nancy Guild

A SONG IS BORN (1947): Jeri Sullavan for Virginia Mayo

SONG OF LOVE (1947): Artur Rubinstein for Robert Walker & Katharine Hepburn (piano)

SONG OF MY HEART (1948): Jose Iturbi for Frank Sundstrom (piano)

SONG OF THE ISLANDS (1942): Ben Gage for Victor Mature

SONG OF THE SADDLE (1936): Bob Nolan for Gene Alsace

SONG OF THE THIN MAN (1947): Carol Arden for Gloria Grahame

A SONG TO REMEMBER (1945): Jose Iturbi for Cornel Wilde (piano)

SONG WITHOUT END (1960): Jorge Bolet for Dirk Bogarde (piano) / Anna Lee for Patricia Morison (dialogue)

SORROWFUL JONES (1949): Annette Warren for Lucille Ball

THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965): Bill Lee for Christopher Plummer / Margery McKay for Peggy Wood / Marie Greene [aka Marie Vernon] for Anna Lee / Darlene Farnon, Randy Perkins, Diane Burt, Sue McBain for Von Trapp children

SOUTH OF DIXIE (1944): Martha Tilton for Anne Gwynne / Hal Derwin for David Bruce

SOUTH OF ST. LOUIS (1949): Bonnie Lou Williams for Alexis Smith (partial)

SOUTH OF TAHITI (1941): Martha Mears for Maria Montez

SOUTH PACIFIC (1958): Giorgio Tozzi for Rossano Brazzi / Muriel Smith for Juanita Hall / Bill Lee for John Kerr / Ernest Newton for Jack Mullaney / Rad Robinson for Ray Walston / Marie Greene [aka Marie Vernon] for Candace Lee / Thurl Ravenscroft for Ken Clark / Betty Wand for Warren Hsieh

SPEAKEASY (1929): Fred Warren for Henry B. Walthall (piano)

STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM (1942): Martha Mears for Veronica Lake

STAR TREK (Original TV series, 1966) Loulie Jean Norman on opening credits theme song

STAR WARS (1977): James Earl Jones for David Prowse (dialogue)

STARLIFT (1951): Bonnie Lou Williams for Patrice Wymore / Hal Derwin for Gene Nelson

STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER (1952): Frank Beach for Clifton Webb (cornet)

START CHEERING (1938): David Carlyle [later Robert Paige] for Charles Starrett

STATE FAIR (1945): Louanne Hogan for Jeanne Crain / Ben Gage for Dana Andrews

STATE FAIR (1962): Anita Gordon for Pamela Tiffin

STRANGER THAN FICTION (1999): Jill Knight for Dina Meyer

THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE (1939) Jean Sablon for Louis Mercier

STRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942) Ozzie Nelson for Richard Davies

STRIKE UP THE BAND (1940): Lee Young for Mickey Rooney (drumming)

STUCK ON YOU (2003): Billy Stewart for Greg Kinnear

THE STUDENT PRINCE (1954): Mario Lanza for Edmund Purdom

SUDDENLY (1954): Paul Frees for hit-man (dialogue)

SUMMER HOLIDAY (1963): Grazina Frame for Lauri Peters

SUMMER MAGIC (1962): Marilyn Hooven for Dorothy McGuire

SUMMER STOCK (1950): Pete Roberts for Hans Conried

SUN VALLEY SERENADE (1941): Pat Friday for Lynn Bari

SUNBONNET SUE (1945): Allan Jones for Jess Barker

SUPERMAN (1978): Christopher Reeve for Jeff East as teenaged Clark Kent andfor Air Traffic Controller (all dialogue)

SUZY (1936): Eadie Adams for Jean Harlow (note: notEdie Adams)

SVENGALI (1931): Ellen Coutts for Marian Marsh

SVENGALI (1954): Elisabeth Schwarzkopf for Hildegarde Neff (Knef)

SWEET AND LOW DOWN (1944): Lorraine Elliot for Lynn Bari

SWEET AND LOWDOWN (1999): Howard Alden for Sean Penn (guitar)

SWEET DREAMS (1985): Patsy Cline (records) for Jessica Lange

SWEET GENEVIEVE (1947): Artie Melvin for Ray Hirsch

SWING HIGH, SWING LOW (1937): Frank Zinziv & William Candreva for Fred MacMurray (trumpet)

THE SWORD IN THE STONE (1963): Ginny Tyler for 2 amorous female squirrels

SYNCOPATION (1942 Short): Bunny Berigan for Jackie Cooper (trumpet)

TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME (1941) Harriet Kaye for Virginia Gillmore

TALL MAN RIDING (1955): Bonnie Lou Williams for Peggie Castle

TEA AND SYMPATHY (1956): Gene Merlino for John Kerr

TEN THOUSAND BEDROOMS (1957): Betty Wand for Lisa Montell

THE TEXAN (1930): Russ Columbo for Gary Cooper

THANKS A MILLION (1935): Marjorie Lane for Ann Dvorak

THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943): Lynn Martin for Olivia de Havilland

THAT LADY IN ERMINE (1948): Ric Ricardi for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

THAT MIDNIGHT KISS (1949): Richard Charles for Thomas Gomez

THAT NIGHT IN RIO (1941): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus

THEY GOT ME COVERED (1943): Martha Mears for Marion Martin

THEY LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN (1930): The Boswell Sisters for unbilled trio

THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO (1944): Hal Derwin for Carlyle Blackwell, Jr.

THIS ABOVE ALL (1942): Ric Ricardi for Ralph DeAngelis

THIS GUN FOR HIRE (1942): Martha Mears for Veronica Lake

THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (1967): Jackie Allen for Mary Tyler Moore / Jimmy Bryant for James Fox / Bill Lee for John Gavin / Jackie Ward for girl in opening / Alan Copeland for voice on record

THOSE LIPS, THOSE EYES (1980): Gene Merlino for Frank Langella

A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS (1945): Frank Sinatra for Phil Silvers ("All or Nothing at All") / Jose Iturbi (piano) & Tom Clark (singing) for Cornel Wilde

THREE DARING DAUGHTERS (1948): Beverly Jean Garbo for Mary Elinor Donahue / Pat Hyatt for Ann E. Todd

THREE FOR THE SHOW (1955): Pat Denise for Betty Grable (partial, dancing for "Swan Lake" music)

3 LITTLE GIRLS IN BLUE (1946): Carol Stewart for Vera-Ellen / Ben Gage for George Montgomery / Bob Scott for Frank Latimore / Del Porter for Charles Smith

THREE LITTLE WORDS (1951): Anita Ellis for Vera-Ellen / Helen Kane for Debbie Reynolds

THREE SAILORS AND A GIRL (1953): Bill Lee for Jack Larson

THE THREEPENNY OPERA (1963): George S. Irving for Curt Jurgens / Martha Schlamme for Hildegard Neff / Jo Wilder for June Ritchie (note: all dubbed for U.S. version only)

THUMBS UP (1943): Margaret Whiting for Brenda Joyce

TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (1947): Trudy Erwin for Lucille Bremer / Ruth Clark for Dorothy Patrick

TILL THE END OF TIME (1946): Martha Mears for song on radio

TIMBERJACK (1955): Virginia Rees for Vera Ralston

THE TIME, THE PLACE AND THE GIRL (1946): Sally Sweetland for Martha Vickers and Florence Bates

A TIME TO LOSE AND A TIME TO DIE (1958): Paul Frees for various actors (dialogue)

TIN PAN ALLEY (1940): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus

THE TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS (1950): Theodore Uppman for Romo Vincent

TOM THUMB (1958): Norma Zimmer for Jessie Matthews / Stan Freberg for puppet ("Yawning Song")

TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT (1945): Martha Mears for Rita Hayworth

TONIGHT WE SING (1953): Jan Peerce for Byron Palmer

TOO LATE BLUES (1962): Loulie Jean Norman for Stella Stevens

TOO MANY GIRLS (1940): Trudy Erwin for Lucille Ball / The Sportsmen Quartet for students

TOO MUCH HARMONY (1933): Barbara Van Brundt for Kitty Kelly

TORCH SONG (1953): India Adams for Joan Crawford / Bill Lee for Rudy Render

THE TRAGEDY OF OTHELLO, THE MOOR OF VENICE (1952): Orson Welles for Robert Coote / Gudrun Ure for Suzanne Cloutier / Robert Rietty for Nicholas Bruce

TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER (1982): Rich Little for David Niven (dialogue)

THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN (1950): Virginia Rees for Adele Jergens

TREASURE ISLAND (1934): Homer Hall for Lionel Barrymore

20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (1954): The Mellomen and Thurl Ravenscroft for sailors

TWENTY THREE AND ONE HALF HOURS LEAVE (1937): John Carroll for James Ellison

TWILIGHT ON THE PRAIRIE (1944): Hal Derwin for Johnny Downs

TWILIGHT ZONE "A Passage for Trumpet" (TV ep. 1960): Uan Rasey for Jack Klugman (trumpet)

TWO SENORITAS FROM CHICAGO (1943): Diana Gaylen for Ann Savage

TWO TICKETS TO LONDON (1943): Martha Mears for Michele Morgan

UNCLE JOE SHANNON (1978): Maynard Ferguson for Burt Young (trumpet)

UNDER THE GUN (1951): Martha Mears for Audrey Totter

UNDERWATER (1955): Jack Ackerman for Richard Egan (underwater swimming)

UNNATURAL (1952): Jeri Archer for Hildegarde Neff [aka Kneff]

UTOPIA [aka ATOLL K] (1950): Paul Frees for Max Elloy (dialogue)

THE VAGABOND KING (1956): Eve Boswell for Rita Moreno.

VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (1967): Margaret Whiting for Susan Hayward / Gail Heidman for Patty Duke

VANITY FAIR (2004): Custer La Rue for Reese Witherspoon

VOICES (1979): Burton Cummings for Michael Ontkean

VOLVA (2006): Estrella Morente for Penelope Cruz

WAKE UP AND LIVE (1937): Buddy Clark for Jack Haley

WALKING MY BABY BACK HOME (1953): Paula Kelly for Janet Leigh [partial]

WAY OUT WEST (1936): Chill Wills (bass singing) & Rosina Lawrence (soprano singing) for Stan Laurel

WEARY RIVER (1929): Johnny Murray (vocal) and Frank Churchill (piano) for Richard Barthelmess

WEE WILLIE WINKIE (1937): The Sportsmen Quartet for quartet

WEEKEND PASS (1944): The Sportsmen Quartet for chorus

WEEKEND WITH FATHER (1951): Martha Mears for Virginia Field

WEST POINT STORY (1950): Bonnie Lou Williams for Virginia Mayo

WEST SIDE STORY (1961): Jimmy Bryant for Richard Beymer / Marni Nixon for Natalie Wood / Betty Wand and Marni Nixon for Rita Moreno (both only partially) / Tucker Smith for Russ Tamblyn ("Jet Song")

WESTERN HERITAGE (1948): Martha Mears for Lois Andrews

WESTWARD HO, THE WAGONS! (1956): Bill Lee for George Reeves

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (1961): Debbie Watson for Julie Alread

WHAT'S BUZZIN' COUSIN? (1943): Johnny Johnston for John Hubbard

WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? (1993): Tina Turner for Angela Bassett

WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH HELEN? (1971): Pearl Kaufman for Shelley Winters (piano)

WHEN A GIRL'S BEAUTIFUL (1947): Suzanne Ellers for Adele Jergens / Ken Harvey for Marc Platt / Jewel Eberly for Patricia White

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? (1945): Sally Sweetland for June Haver

WHERE THE HEART IS (2000): Michael McCarthy for Dylan Bruno

WHIPLASH (1948): Bobbie Canvin [aka Barbara Ames] for Alexis Smith

WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954): Rosemary Clooney ("Sisters" duet) and Trudy Stevens for Vera-Ellen

WHITE WOMAN (1933): Mona Lowe for Carole Lombard

WHITNEY (TV - 2015): Deborah Cox for Yaya Da Costa

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (1988): Amy Irving for Kathleen Turner (singing, as Jessica Rabbit)

WHO KILLED GAIL PRESTON? (1938): Gloria Franklin for Rita Hayworth

WHY GIRLS LEAVE HOME (1945) Martha Tilton for Pamela Blake

THE WICKER MAN (1973): Annie Ross for Britt Ekland (dialogue)

THE WILD NORTH (1952): Ruth Martin for Cyd Charisse


WINDRIDER (1986): Lisa Hill for Nicole Kidman

WITH A SONG IN MY HEART (1952): Jane Froman for Susan Hayward

THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939): Ken Darby for Mayor of Munchkin City / Ray "Bud" Linn for DA of Munchkin City / Rad Robinson for Coroner of Munchkin City / Betty Noyes, Dorothy Compton and Marjorie Briggs for Munchkin Trio / Buddy Ebsen for Jack Haley (ensemble singing only) / Carol Tevis, Betty Rome, Billy Bletcher, Pinto Colvig, J.D. Jewkes, Harry Stanton & Jon Dodson for unknown Munchkins

THE WOLF SONG (1929): Russ Columbo for Gary Cooper

THE WOMAN OF THE TOWN (1943): Betty Brewer for Claire Trevor

A WOMAN'S SECRET (1949): Kay Lorraine for Gloria Grahame

WONDER MAN (1945): June Hutton for Vera-Ellen

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM (1962): Gene Merlino for Russ Tamblyn

WONDERS OF WOMEN (1929): Russ Columbo for Lewis Stone

WORDS AND MUSIC (1948): Eileen Wilson for Cyd Charisse / Pete Roberts and Eugene Cox for the Blackburn Twins / Bill Lee for Tom Drake

YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (1942): Sally Sweetland for Joan Leslie

YOU CAME ALONG (1945): Lorraine Elliott for Julie Bishop

YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE (1977): Kasey Cisyk for Didi Conn

YOLANDA AND THE THIEF (1945): Trudy Erwin for Lucille Bremer / Bobby Maxwell for Fred Astaire (harp)

YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME (1948): Russ Cheever for Dan Dailey (alto sax)

YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER (1942): Nan Wynn for Rita Hayworth

YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN (1950): Harry James for Kirk Douglas (trumpet) / Jimmy Zito for Juano Hernandez (trumpet)

YOUNG TOSCANINI (1988) Aprile Millo for Elizabeth Taylor

YOUR CHEATIN' HEART (1964): Hank Williams, Jr. for George Hamilton

YOUTH ON PARADE (1942): Margaret Whiting for Martha O'Driscoll

ZAZA (1939): Martha Mears for Claudette Colbert (on final song only)

ZORRO (TV series - 1957/1959) Skip Farrell for Guy Williams